School Job Search


Why do I have to register?

For Advertisers we will set up a secure area on the website for your school or organisation: this is where you compose and submit job ads. To access this area, you need to register and set up a username and password.

Do I have to pay to register?

No, registration is free, but an annual subscription is needed to place ads.

Once I pay my annual subscription, are my ads really free?

Yes. All the ads you need are at no further cost. 

What type of organisations can post ads?

Nurseries, schools, colleges, FE colleges and any other organisations working for education - LEAs, exam boards, publishers of educational resources etc. With the exception of teacher training, we are not aimed at universities.

What sort of jobs can I advertise?

You can advertise any jobs in education: teachers and all support staff, including schoolkeepers, technicians, bursars, LEA advisers, in schools of all types and any other organisations working for education.

How do I advertise a job?

Step 1. Register and we will prepare your own area.  We will call you to show you how to use the site. Usually within an hour or so.

Step 2. Take out an annual subscription (70p for each student on roll, minimum £165, maximum £900).

Step 3. Create your job ad using the forms within this secure area. Click to send it to your nominated Approver.

Step 4. After approval the ad will appear on the website. If rejected, you can go back in to your secure area, edit and resubmit.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the school/organisation advertising the vacancy to approve the ad. School Job Search will not review ads before they are posted on the site.

If I pay for an annual subscription will it expire at the end of the school year?

No, an annual subscription will cover a full 12 month period.

What are your publication deadlines?

As we are entirely web-based we donít have any deadlines. You write and proof read your ads. When you are happy with them you approve them and they appear on the site within minutes.

How do I know the process is secure?

The secure area for your school/organisation can only be accessed using the username and password that you set up. Ads will not appear on the site until approved by your school/organisation: your reputation is always protected.

I have a question that isnít covered here    Weíll be happy to answer your question.